Flash developement, SMS-service, Campaign Management, Google maps, Back-end, Animation, Usability Testing


Uno-X Campaign
Free Fuel

Managing SMS campaign for Uno-X:
A liter of gas for 1 Dkk. 10 days, 1 hour each day.

With more than 5000 entries for the campaign the challenge was to send text messages and e-mails to all of the in exactly the same time as the offer was valid for one hour only.


The many sign-ups for the campaign called for a maximum bandwidth and speed via high-performance servers that was able to send up to 5000 emails at the same time. Therefore, we used an external outgoing SMTP mail server to handle the many e-mails. Additionally, we used an SMS gateway to send text messages to all users simultaneously.


CO+ ask to develop an interactive flash map with integration of Google Maps. Based on the supplied coordinates for the Uno-X stations, we created an interactive flash map with an animated counter. Every day at 09:00 A.M. it showed the selected station in one hour.

We made a search bar so the users could search for the street name, area and zip code. We also made a route planner that could give the users a route instruction to Uno-X stations. In addition, we created a SharePoint feature for Facebook and e-mail. During the campaign we were send emails and text messages to the users every morning at. 09.00.



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